PT. Indusprima Perkasa has provided construction and maintenance services to industrial facilities in the west of java.

We supply all various type of Low Voltage Electrical Switchboards / Panelboards such as Sub Distribution Panel, Pump Control Panel, Motor Control Center Environment, etc. on free standing or wall mounting included indoor and outdoor purpose.

PT. Indusprima Perkasa is certified to ISO 9001:2008 which ensures all its switchboards are designed, manufactured and serviced to exacting standards.

Our business is the enhancement of Local industry, providing, safe, quality, cost effective construction, maintenace services, instalation for a variety application and customized order. We are committed to the continuous improvement of safety, quality and value of our services to our customers and community.

This constant motivating force propels our company into the future.


PT. Indusprima Perkasa (IP) was founded in 2005, in an area on 1050m2 in the city of Tangerang, Baten West Java. We are actively engaged in the field of national electricity and produce various types of electrical panelboards, especially medium and lov voltage.

Sustainable Development

We continue to improve the quality of products and services from time to time. Our ultimate goal is to provide product and services of high value services for customers. We work continuously to improve the business and manufacturing processes that already exist. We also keep up to date in the world of electrical and businesses and continue to invest in industry.

Growing Together

Customers is our primary focus. We provide the best solusions for our customers so that they become the best in their field. We grow with our customers.

Business Permit
Tax Identification Number
Company Registration
Domicile Company License
Ministry of Law and Human Right Decision Letters

Certificate of ISO 9001:2008
For Quality Management System

PT. Indusprima Perkasa has obtained the international quality standard certificate of SAI Global for Quality Management System is ISO 9001 : 2008

Strict Application of The Standard Work

Meeting Room
Meetings to discuss each project in order to go as planned.
Office Room
We work together to give the best service to our customers.
Engineering Division
We can custom design to meet your specifications.
Assembling Room
This company provides a total service with expert technical support.
Performance Testing and Measuring
Every product goes through rigorous quality checks and testing procedures before it leaves the plant.

In operation, the PT. Indusprima Perkasa follow workflow that has been in Standard the ISO document.

We do this to ensure consistent product quality and timely delivery.

Begining with the planning design, manufacturing quality enclosure, assembling, testing and quality control done by expert in their field.

Powerded by software simulations and calculations are accurate, this process ensures that products will be manufactured in compliance with all technical aspects of the required and desire performance.


Towards companies that provide excellent service with the best quality in the national electricity field especially electrical panel.


Contribute and assist the goverment and private programs in the development of the national electricity industry especially electrial panel.

NoProject NameProductYear
1.Kondur Petroleum, S.A.Low Voltage Lighting Panel2005
Low Voltage Pump Control Panel
Low Voltage Distribution Panel
Low Voltage Motor Control Center
Medium Voltage Load Interrupted Switchgear up to 20kV
Medium Voltage Electrical Submersible Pump Control Panel 280HP
Medium Voltage Generator Control Panel
Low Voltage Distribution Transformer2012
2.Total E & P IndonesiaLow Voltage Distribution Panel2005
Low Voltage Motor Control Center
Low Voltage Synchronizing Panel
Low Voltage Distribution Transformer2010
3.Shell Oil CompaniesLow Voltage Pump Control Panel2009
Low Voltage Distribution Panel
4.Sysco PetrogasLow Voltage Lighting Panel2009
5.Pertamina EP Region SumateraLow Voltage Lighting Panel2011
Low Voltage Distribution Panel
Low Voltage Motor Control Center
6.BP BerauLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
Control Desk
7.BWP Meruap JambiCapacitor Bank2011
NoProject NameProductYear
1.Nirwana Resort BintanLow Voltage Distribution Panel2007
2.Mendut ResidenceLow Voltage Distribution Panel2008
3.Kantor Binamarga KebayoranLow Voltage ATS/AMF Panel2009
4.RSUD Embung Fatimah BatamLow Voltage Distribution Panel2010
5.Kantor Kejaksaan Tinggi Tanjung PinangLow Voltage Distribution Panel2010
6.Hotel Grand Royal Panghegar BandungLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
7.Gedung Rektorat Kampus UNPAD JatinagorLow Voltage Distribution Panel2010
8.Gd. Pelayaran Kesehatan & Selasar RSAB Harapan KitaLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
9.Hotel Aston BogorLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
10.Pembangunan Laboratoria BPPT Terpadu (Puspitek) SerpongLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
11.Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin BandungLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
12.Gedung Pusat Data BPOMLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
13Pembangunan Pre-Delivery Center Agung Automail Gilimanuk - BaliLow Voltage Distribution Panel2012
NoProject NameProductYear
1.PT. PLN (Persero)Low Voltage Rack 4 Ways2005
- Gardu Induk Wilayah Jawa Barat & BantenLow Voltage Marshalling Kiosk
- Gardu Induk Wilayah Jawa TengahLow Voltage Distribution Panel
- Gardu Induk TersebarMedium Voltage Distribution Panel
- PLN APJ Depok
- PLN APJ Bekasi
- PLN Batam
- Etc.
2.PT. Tanjung Jabung PowerMedium Voltage Junction Box2006
3.PT. Bosowa Energy - Jeneponto CFSPP 2x125 MWLow Voltage Lighting Panel2011
Low Voltage Distribution Panel
4.PLTU Lampung 2x100 MWLow Voltage Lighting Panel2011
Low Voltage Distribution Panel
5.PLTU LontarLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
6.PLTM MaleaLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
7.PLTU LontarLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
NoProject NameProductYear
1.PT. Freeport IndonesiaLow Voltage Lighting Panel2011
2.PT. Tambang Batubara Bukit AsamLow Voltage Lighting Panel2011
Control Desk Panel
3.PT. Holcim IndonesiaLow Voltage Distributin Panel2011
4.PT. Gandung Mas KencanaLow Voltage Distribution Panel2012
5.PT. Kraft IndonesiaLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
6.PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk.Low Voltage Distribution Panel2011
7.PT. Kalimantan Energi LestariLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
Low Motor Control Center
8.PT. Millenia Food IndustryLow Voltage Distribution Panel2011
9.PT. Krakatau SteelLow Voltage Distribution Panel2012

Our Products

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Low Voltage Generator Control Panel

Auto Transfer Switch (ATS)
For emergency power usage in building ATS is essensial. ATS can automatic transfer load from mains power supplying to emergency power. In normal, when then main power supplying failure or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, ATS will auto start emergency generator set after a preset time of 0-10 seconds (adjustable by user). Once generator reach at rated speed, the ATS will transfer the load to emergency generator sets automatically.

Low Voltage Generator Control Panel

Parraleling System
Several generator sets are paralleling running and access a large output power to supplying the load requirement. According to the level of the load, the operator can select any quantity generator sets easily within the parallel system.

Degree of Protection : IP 30
Capacity : Up to 2500 kVA
Voltage : 380 VAC
Frequency : 50Hz
Insulation Level : 2.5kV

Generator Control Panel

This is Generator Control Panel

Generator Control Panel

This is Generator Control Panel

Generator Control Panel

This is Generator Control Panel

Generator Control Panel

This is Generator Control Panel

Generator Control Panel

This is Generator Control Panel